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Eyebrow Tattoo Service

Smudge proof and waterproof, ombre brows offer lasting results, meaning you don’t have to worry about eyebrow maintenance for some time! Whether you’re looking for a full, enhanced look or soft and natural, this tattoo will give your eyebrows depth and definition, helping you achieve the ideal brow shape you’ve always wanted.

What is Ombré Eyebrow Tattoo?

Ombre brow tattoo is used to define, shape and darken your natural eyebrows while still looking natural. It enhances the beauty of your face by changing your facial appearance and bringing out your natural features. A makeup like effect is created by implanting the pigment softly across your existing eyebrows. Your eyebrows are not removed for these treatments as we work with what you already have. It is suitable for all skin types from dry to combination and oily. Ombre brows are great as it lasts the longest and is the least traumatic on the skin.  

At Em Cosmetic Studio, we offer two styles to suit your preference. We can design a soft and powdery borderless brow that has no defined edge, or a more solid brow that fades from light to dark and is dense on the bottom edge. Sparse or missing eyebrows can be restored with either the ombre brow technique or the borderless powder brow technique. Keep in mind that you can always add extra definition to your tattooed brows. If you are unsure on which style would be best, come in for a free consultation or email us. 

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Our Ombré Brows

This treatment provides a soft powder brow that is dense on the bottom and very pixilated towards the front of the brow. The beginning of the brows is shaded lighter and becomes more saturated towards the tail. This creates a seamless gradient fade with a crisp baseline. Whether you would prefer a crispier outline or a softer pixelated border, we customise each brow tattoo to suit your preference. We map the perfect shape based on your facial features, bone structure and pre existing eyebrow hairs. Your preference is taken into consideration to ensure we are both 100% happy. This technique gives a realistic alternative to the traditional block style tattoo. 

Eyebrow Tattoo
The Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoo

Say goodbye to grooming your brows with cosmetics every day with the ease of this treatment. Have perfectly shaped and fuller eyebrows that make you look groomed and younger even without applying any make-up. Many people have a hard time filling in their brows as it takes skill, patience and time. No need to worry about rain, smudging or sweating. With eyebrow tattoos, you can wake up with fuller, perfectly groomed brows every day that saves you time, money and the effort. This treatment is equally perfect for those who are allergic to beauty products, have poor eyesight and limited mobility making application difficult. Those who have sparse brow hairs or asymmetry will benefit greatly. 

We can help you create a beautifully designed semi permanent eyebrow tattoo with your choice of shape, style and colour. You can now have beautiful and well-defined eyebrows throughout the day without that fear off getting it wet and having it smudge. Wake up in the morning and already have your eyebrows looking perfect. 

The Eyebrow Tattooing Process

Eyebrow tattoo is done with a tattoo machine that implants pigment into the skin of the eyebrows using ultra-fine needles. The machine we use is high quality and allows us to implant the pigment much closer to the skin surface penetrating only into the base of the epidermis. While standard tattoos use ink, cosmetic tattooing is done with pigments that is selected according to the skin tone and undertone. We have a range of pigment colours to choose from to match your brow hairs. This colour will be discussed and approved with you. 

To begin the process, a comprehensive and informative consultation takes place. This is where we discuss the shape, colour and thickness that you want to achieve. We begin designing and mapping the brows with absolute precision. We use a standard eyebrow pencil and carve out the shape with a brush to create clean and crisp edges. Once we are both 100% happy with the design, we begin implanting pigment into the eyebrow and follow the shape that was previously mapped. For comfort during the procedure, an anaesthetic is used once the skin has been broken. This tattooing process continues until an even saturation has been achieved. The tattoo session takes up to 1-2 hours, depending on the thickness and saturation that you wanted to achieve. 

What to Expect After the Procedure

When the first session of tattooing is over, there will be slight swelling, redness and soreness in the following hours which will eventually subside. You can continue to carry on with your normal activities, but it is advisable to take a day off from work if you want to be discreet. You will experience flaking and scabbing of the skin which is common during the healing stage. A complimentary after care package will be given that includes a specific ointment to prevent infections and irritation. It is important to follow the aftercare plan that is provided to ensure perfect retention and healthy healing. There are a few elements that can affect the eyebrow tattoo in regards to how long it lasts. Depending on your lifestyle and daily activities, results may differ for each person.

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